Hidden POTUS, Crouching Tiger

November 18, 2009

POTUS finished his trip to China with visit the Great Wall.  Notwithstanding the frigid temps (Obama exclaimed he wasn’t aware China got as cold as Chicago), the President squeezed in a half hour tour of this World Heritage site

Can't believe I had to travel all the way to China for some peace and quiet! (EPA)

Obama also met very briefly with his step-brother Mark Ndesandjo, who was still “over the moon” about the mini-reunion.  Apparently, the brothers haven’t seen each other since POTUS’ inauguration, but Obama got to meet Ndesandjo’s new wife and catch up on family chit chat.

We just hope Obama was able to pick up a pair of these awesome kicks before heading to South Korea.

These would be perfect for dunking on Reggie Love! (AFP Getty)

Ch(I)na just called to say I love you

November 17, 2009

So, what does the leader of the Free World do on his first trip to China?  Eat and see the sites, of course!  POTUS was honored with a state dinner reception at the famous Great Hall of the People in Beijing, replete with a multi-course meal, peafowl, and the Military Band of the People’s Liberation Army.  The somewhat odd musical choices included performances of Wonderful Night, I Just Called to Say I Love You, and In the Mood.  What happened to some good old fashioned Chinese opera?

Szechuan peacock with noodles, anyone? (AP Photo)

Obama also checked out the sites, including the Forbidden City

For a Forbidden City, there sure are a lot of people here! (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

Of course, the Oba-mao shirt isn’t the only product coming onto the Chinese market.  It could be hairy deciding what to come home with…

This replica is made entirely of human hair. You decide: creative, creepy, or just plain gross? (Jason Lee/Reuters)

Oh (big) brother, where art thou?

November 16, 2009
The American media is abuzz with POTUS’ first official visit to China.   China’s pretty excited too, as evidenced by a variety of Obama-swag coming on the market.   One particular piece of attire is making Chinese officials nervous, though, enough so they’ve banned the “Oba-mao” shirt out of fear it will upset Obama.   Interesting in light of Obama’s comments yesterday on the benefits of an uncensored society…
obamao shirt

Coming soon to hipsters and Urban Outfitters near you... (David Gray/Reuters)

obamao shirt seller

Yes you CANnot sell this t-shirt! (Frederic Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

 Obama will also be meeting his half-bro Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, who lives in southern China.  Ndesandjo recently published “Nairobi to Shenzhen,” which includes passages about his abusive father Barack Obama Sr, which our POTUS has yet to comment on.  Could be an awkward meeting, you think?

mark ndesandjo

Maybe I should've named my book "Screams From My Father" (Ym Yik/European Pressphoto Agency)

Orange’ya glad you’re not a pumpkin?

November 1, 2009

We at BOL couldn’t get enough of the Obamas and Halloween! Last year at this time, the country was in the midst of a heated Presidential election.  This year, we can take solace in our new POTUS and enjoy the holidays in peace.   Turns out, though, all that drama caused some serious creativity, especially when it comes to punkins!

obama mccain pumpkin

What you lookin' at? (Getty Images)


The resemblance is eerie! (Courtesy of Yes We Carve.com)

But, Halloween doesn’t just bring Obama-inspired pumpkins.  Don’t forget that you, too, can be POTUS for a day!  Important note for those of you looking for a last minute costume in 363 days!

obama mask

Which of POTUS' cabinet will sport this next year? (Courtesy of zimbio.com)


Yikes! Even the ever-loving BoL is scared of this mask! (Courtesy of Walyou.com)

What a doll!

October 19, 2009

Jailbreak Toys recently announced their new line of Michelle dolls, which add to their already burgeoning line of POTUS dolls.  For a mere $12.99, you too can have one of these three “life-like” renditions of our FLOTUS.   In US Weekly tradition, who did it best?

The likeness is...surreal? (Jailbreak Toys)

Where are Michelle's guns? (Jailbreak Toys)

Michelle did it best! (Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

Michelle did it best! (Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

The infamous Election Night dress (Jailbreak Toys)

The infamous Election Night dress (Jailbreak Toys)

We love ya, FLOTUS, but the doll may pull this dress off better (Getty Images)

We love ya, FLOTUS, but the doll gets our vote (Getty Images)

Michelle's appearance on The View in this dress was a fashion do! (Jailbreak Toys)

Michelle's appearance on The View in this dress was a fashion do! (Jailbreak Toys)

Michelle did it best! (Steve Fenn/ABC)

Michelle did it best! (Steve Fenn/ABC)

Red White & Blue Carpet

September 21, 2009

Victoria Rowell, of the Young & the Restless, has got love for POTUS….and she’s not afraid to show it. Rowell sported a POTUS themed dress to the Emmy Awards yesterday in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the dress isn’t getting flattering reviews. But, if Obama dresses can make it on the runway in Paris, then why the heck not in LA!?

Making quite the fashion statement. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Making quite the fashion statement. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Barack goes to Bollywood (well, not really)

August 14, 2009

Just when you thought you had enough Oba-mania!! Bollywood is trying to get a piece of the action, with the film called My Name is Khan, starring Bollywood legend Shahrukh Khan. In the movie Khan portrays a Muslim man with Asperger syndrome who comes to America and is detained by authorities for suspicious behavior. In order to clear his name, Khan goes on a quest to meet POTUS (played by Christopher B. Duncan from The Tonight Show). Like any good Bollywood movie — this does involve unrealized love, but it remains to be seen whether POTUS will be involved in a choreographed dance number.

The movie is set for worldwide release in early 2010 by FOXSEARCHLIGHT.  Unclear if this will be the next Slumdog Millionaire, but Mr. Khan is certainly hoping this may be his Oscar moment.  Uh… good luck with that!

My name is Khan, James Khan.

My name is Khan, James Khan (photo courtesy of FOXSEARCHLIGHT)

In case you are having a hard time imagining Obama and Bollywood together — how bout this?

and while we’re at it, here’s a Hindi song about Obama (lighthearted like the one from Ghana, no?!)


August 3, 2009

The White House released a video on Presidential Mail, which shows how letters arrive on the President’s desk. POTUS receives nearly 65,000 letters and 100,000 emails a week and they are all carefully sorted and categorized. According to White House Director of Correspondence Mike Kelleher, during his first week of his Presidency, POTUS asked to read 10 letters a day — and it has now become a ritual. In addition, POTUS personally responds to 3-4 of them a night! Speaking of the significance of the letters, POTUS said, “You get letters like that and it gives you a sense of what’s best in America. And it inspires you. And makes you want to work that much harder.” That’s what happens when you have the most recognizable address in the world! If you’d like to write POTUS yourself — do it here.

If you’d like the see the video in ridiculously clear quality — watch here.

Dear BoL, I think your coverage of me is AWESOME. Your First Fan, President Barack Obama. (Photo by White House Photographer Pete Souza)

Dear BoL, I think your coverage of me is AWESOME. Your First Fan, President Barack Obama. (Photo by White House Photographer Pete Souza)

Speaking of letters, a few days after the election of Barack Obama, kids around the country (through the non-profit organization 826 Valencia) were asked to provide guidance and advice to the new President, which were compiled and published by McSweeney’s. The letters are honest and blunt — here’s one for taste:  Sheenie Shannon Yip, a 13-year-old from Seattle, wrote to the new president, “I really hope you put America back together. No pressure, though.”

Dear POTUS, Will you be my new BFF? Love, BoL.

Catwoman, Jean Grey, and Supergirl, step aside

July 27, 2009

Our FLOTUS continues to rival her hubby as most popular ‘OTUS, most recently with the stellar sales of Bluewater Comics’ “Female Force: Michelle Obama.”  The FLOTUS edition has sold over 57,000 copies to date, which is more than most Marvel or DC books sell.  Bluewater has also profiled the likes of Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Condoleeza Rice, and Caroline Kennedy.

Her superpower?  The ability to rock our world!

Her superpower? The ability to rock our world!

Not that she’s the first Obama to flood the comic book stands.  POTUS has been featured in a number of series; when will Superdaughters Malia and Sasha debut?

(Cover Art by Phil Jimenez, AP Photo/Marvel Comics)

Super-POTUS! (Cover Art by Phil Jimenez, AP Photo/Marvel Comics)

Bottoms Up!!

July 17, 2009

Unlike our former president, POTUS takes pleasure in kicking back with the occasional hoppy brew.  Politico (slow news day?) outlined Obama’s drinking preferences and habits, which include “beer, wine, martinis, sparkling wine, margaritas.”  He famously downed a beer at February’s Chicago Bulls-Washington Wizards game, to some people’s chagrin (BoL recommendation: listen to one lady’s rant regarding Obama’s beverage choice). 

CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG!!! (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert )

CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG!!! (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert )

Generally, though, the President stays away from the hootch at White House events.  That hasn’t stopped entreprenuerial beer types from giving POTUS a nod with specially created Obama beers, including Hop Obama.  As the creators at Six Point Ales explained, this beer was “fused from an incredibly diverse background, the flavors are individually unique by gaining their solidarity from their invisibility.”  We’ll drink to that!

Now that's a real man of genius!

Now that's a real man of genius!