Orange’ya glad you’re not a pumpkin?

November 1, 2009

We at BOL couldn’t get enough of the Obamas and Halloween! Last year at this time, the country was in the midst of a heated Presidential election.  This year, we can take solace in our new POTUS and enjoy the holidays in peace.   Turns out, though, all that drama caused some serious creativity, especially when it comes to punkins!

obama mccain pumpkin

What you lookin' at? (Getty Images)


The resemblance is eerie! (Courtesy of Yes We

But, Halloween doesn’t just bring Obama-inspired pumpkins.  Don’t forget that you, too, can be POTUS for a day!  Important note for those of you looking for a last minute costume in 363 days!

obama mask

Which of POTUS' cabinet will sport this next year? (Courtesy of


Yikes! Even the ever-loving BoL is scared of this mask! (Courtesy of