POTUS: Cloudy with a chance of…

If you’re like us, you wake up and dress for sunny skies, only to be hit umbrella-less in afternoon rain and frigid temps.  Turns out you can now get your daily forecast AND some Obama QT.  How, you ask?  With Obama-weather.com!

The recently-launched site feeds information from Weather.com, and has Obama model appropriate clothing for the day and night time temps in the five day forecast.  The site also provides weather updates from Angelina Jolie, House, Bender, and Bruce Lee.  We obviously prefer POTUS!

Let's hope Obama is more reliable than the average weatherman! (from Obama-weather.com)

Our favorite feature of the site?  The small picture of Obama at the bottom of the page, which wiggles his eyebrows at us.

Nice duds, but would Obama really wear that POTUS-tee? (from Obama-weather.com)

So, not only will POTUS bring our country peace and prosperity–he’ll bring us the weather!

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