News Flash: Obama’s Black

Our POTUS graced Letterman’s Late Show last night, and had some heavy secrets to share.  When asked whether the fury over his health care plan was fueled by race, President Obama divulged, “I was actually black before the election.”  Other surprising news: Sasha and Malia goofed off all summer, and POTUS and FLOTUS watched Pixar’s “Up” for a date night, 3-d glasses and all. 

The biggest reward of the evening?  An audience member gifted Obama with the heart-shaped potato she brought from Missouri (the same one she brought two years earlier to a Letterman taping). 

This marks Obama’s fifth visit to The Late Show, but the first as president.  While POTUS has been trying to drum up support for his health care plan, he was more succesful in drumming up viewers for Letterman.  His interview  scored Letterman his best ratings in four years and “his second-best season-premiere number since he started on CBS in 1993.”  Just goes to show–anything POTUS touches turns to gold!


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