The West Wing Goes West

The Obama family visited some classic hotspots  on their four-day trip out West, including Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.  POTUS was hosting a series of town hall meetings focused on health care reform, and took this as an opportunity to check out some Americana natural wonders.  This wasn’t Obama’s first visit though–he hit some of the same spots on a family trip at the tender age of 11.

Although this wasn’t as eventful as “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” Obama did bust out some Clark Griswoldesque sayings.  While watching Old Faithful erupt right on time, Obama commented to his daughters, “Oh, that’s pretty good. Cool. Look at that. That’s a geyser there.”  

Obama was stumped at fly fishing, while Robert Gibbs and White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, a Montana native, each caught a few rainbow trout.

"Not even my cabinet members are this punctual!" (Photo by AP/Alex Brandon)

"Not even my cabinet members are this punctual!" (Photo by AP/Alex Brandon)

At the Grand Canyon, Malia did her parents proud by correctly classifying certain rocks; POTUS was not so successful.   When Obama identified some rocks as sedimentary and as fossils, the poor park ranger hesitated “I don’t think so.  Well … maybe.”  Turns out, the rocks were not sedimentary.  Good thing he has a day job, although is this a hint of things to come for Malia?

(Photo by AP/Alex Brandon)

"I remember it being bigger." (Photo by AP/Alex Brandon)


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