POTUS, will you be my homeboy?

10 year old Damon Weaver’s dream of interviewing our POTUS has come true at long last.  For the past year, little Weaver has been on a public campaign of sorts, trying to convince Obama’s handlers to give him an interview.  Via his school’s television studio KEC TV, Damon has interviewed the likes of Larry King, Oprah Winfrey, Joe Biden, Caroline Kennedy, and a whole bunch of Miami Heat players.  He’s also been interviewed by NPR and CNN American Morning.  At long last, Damon’s dream came true with a 10 minute interview with dear POTUS. 

Damon asked tough questions regarding violence in his neighborhood and the state of schools in America.  He also caused some giggles with his follow up to a question about school lunches, when he said, “I suggest that we have french fries and mangoes every day for lunch…I looooove mangoes.” 

He even cracked Obama up with “When I interviewed Vice President Joe Biden, he became my homeboy. Would you like to become my homeboy?” Obama’s reply? “Absolutely, thank you man. Great job.”

On a seperate note, BoL is green with jealousy.


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