Isn’t she lovely?

Vanity Fair totally jumped on the lovefest bandwagon and included our FLOTUS on their 2009 Best Dressed List.  BoL totally concurs!

Smokin'! (From U.P.I. Photo/Landov)

Smokin'! (From U.P.I. Photo/Landov)

VF included the following info on the First Lady:

Residences: Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Occupation: First Lady of the United States. Age: 45. Notable Ensembles of 2009: Inauguration wardrobe; black Moschino organza top, skirt, and silk veil worn when meeting Pope Benedict XVI. Favorite Boutique: Ikram, in Chicago. Signature Wardrobe Item: Cardigan sweaters. Jewelry: Double-strand pearls. Shoe Designers: Jimmy Choo, Puma, Lanvin. Favorite Bargain-Hunting Locale: J. Crew. Causes: Education, health, and veterans’ affairs.  They somehow forgot to add “Favorite Blog: Barack of Love.”

It's only a matter of time until FLOTUS hits the "Hall of Fame" (Courtesy of Vanity Fair)

It's only a matter of time until FLOTUS becomes a Hall of Famer (Courtesy of Vanity Fair)


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