Three strikes and…

In keeping with tradition, POTUS threw out the first pitch at Tuesday’s All-Star Game.  His White Sox jacket elicited boos from the crowd (Obama later said, “My wife thinks I look cute in this jacket.”), but he remained undeterred.  Sadly, his practice pitches in the Rose Garden with Reggie Love didn’t pay off, and POTUS’ pitch didn’t quite clear the plate.  Luckily, Red Sox Albert Pujols caught the ball before it hit the dirt.  (This may be Obama’s only failure relative to Bush, whose pitch made it across.  BoL still loves you.)

One Response to Three strikes and…

  1. Steve Baron says:

    may i suggest a sports screener (someone in DC government?), Red Sox Albert Pujols. give me a break. he is a future hall of famer with the St. Louis Cardinals. also no mention of Stan “The Man” otherwise great coverage

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