Dairy Godmother for Father’s Day (eve)

POTUS and posse (Sasha and Malia) brought Dairy Godmother in Alexandria, VA to a standstill on Saturday. The first family bought some frozen treats (including frozen puppy pops for Bo) at the boutique custard parlor. According to the New York Times, Barack paid for the snacks, and offered to leave a tip (not knowing that tips are not allowed at the parlor) so he stayed for 15 minutes taking photographs with patrons and eating his custard. Well, good luck to you if you want to try Dairy Godmother, because if the lines at Ray’s Hell Burger are any indication of what happens to a place after a presidential visit…then expect to stand in line for a while!  

So many choices, so little time. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

So many choices, so little time. I'll have something lowfat b/c I'm going shirtless this summer. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


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