White House goes Black & Gold

The Prez welcomed Super Bowl XLIII  champion Pittsburgh Steelers  to the White House today. As you may recall, back in February, Obama said he was cheering for the Steelers, despite having hometown love for the Chicago Bears. Why? The Steelers Organization (including players, Coach Tomlin, and Chairman Rooney) have a special bond with Obama — they hit the campaign trail with him last year to deliver a swing state, Pennsylvania and growing up in Hawaii, Obama said he adopted the Steelers as his team. 

In fact, Obama’s bond with the Steelers is so strong that he nominated Chairman Dan Rooney as Ambassador to Ireland.  In addition to celebrating the Super Bowl win, the Steelers and US soldiers worked to assemble care packages for US troops. How sweet! Do you think they packed pierogies? BTW — major upgrade in the jersey from the campaign trail (08) to POTUS (44)!

Lemme upgrade ya! (photo credit

Lemme upgrade ya! (photo credit jdebner's flickr site and Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images)


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