White Castle goes to the White House



Looks like everyone is moving to DC. Obama has chosen Kumar (Kalpen Modi aka Kal Penn) to be the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison (a position that traditionally pays between $40-$90k).

Before you reduce Kal Penn to a pot smoking white castle junkie (although if that’s all he was, that would be cool too) he has done other things as well.  Penn is probably best known for his Harold and Kumar go to White Castle series and for the Namesake. However, he recently taught two classes at an Ivy League school and he did campaign hard for the Big O himself, not to mention he is reportedly working on a MS in international relations from Stanford. He is certainly a welcome addition to the stiff coats in DC.

I have so many questions about this  – will he goto White Castle in DC? Will Harold move to DC?  Is Kal Penn single? It sounds like Kal Penn might be working with Asian constituents. If that is the case he really might want to get Harold to DC for a Harold and Kumar special White House envoy to restore peace in LA between the South Asians and Koreans who are having turf issues right now.



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